Opinion Surveys (Badania opinii) Research to establish what does the public think about a given subject.
Desk Research (Analiza danych zastanych) Analysis of existing data sources relevant for the studies issue. The materials subject to analysis may be reports, databases, bulletins, or data taken off the Internet.
Business-to-Business Research (Badania B2B) A set of research and analysis based upon information obtained from people connected with a given business sector.
Communication Research (Badania komunikacji) Research used to identify the effectiveness of communication between companies and the consumers of their goods or services.
Business-to-Consumer Research (Badania B2C) A set of research and analysis based upon information obtained from people who are consumers or users of services.
Concept Test (Test konceptu) A set of tests designed to give producers feedback from potential buyers of products or services which are yet to be launched.
New Product Development (Badania/testy nowych produktów) Research concerning the market launch of new products. Answers questions such „what should the new product be like in order to find buyers?” „What do consumers expect?” „What do consumers think of the new product?” The findings identify which elements need to be improved.
Category Management Research (Zarzadzanie kategoria produktów) Research which is to support the management of a product category. The results show how is a product category perceived by consumers and identifies the purchase decision process at sales outlets. And finally it says how to construct effective promotions and recreates the customers Purchase Decision Tree.
Package Test (Testy opakowan) A type of research which is used to establish how do consumers evaluate the packaging of the Client’s and competitions’ products. Evaluates the communication of the packaging and of its main features.
Segmentation Studies (Badania segmentacyjne) Research which is used to identify groups of consumers with different expectations towards a product. This tells the producer for which consumer group the product is the most attractive.
Employee satisfaction surveys (Badania satysfakcji pracowników) Research of employees’ satisfaction with their work. Identifies such relevant aspects like the atmosphere at the workplace, values, identification with a company’s mission, or needs and expectations.
Product Test (Test produktu) Research where a respondent evaluates the quality of a product, determines how useful is it, and informs which elements need to be improved.
Customer Satisfaction Studies (Badania satysfakcji klientów) Research which is used to gather opinions on the relationship between the company and its customers. It identifies strong and weak areas of relationships and identifies those which require improvement.
Taste Test (Test smaku) A type of research where respondents eat or drink products and then pass judgment on their taste and quality.
Retail Research (Badania sieci detalicznej) Research carried out at retail sales outlets which allow for precise identification of sales structure in a given location and nationally.
Distribution Channels Studies (Badania kanalów dystrybucji) Research to evaluate the system of distribution of goods and services, also including the actions and behavior of the competition.
Brand Research (Badania marki) Research aimed at identifying the awareness and behavior of the public towards a brand. Such research may concern various aspects, such as: brand loyalty, band imagery, brand awareness, etc.
Sniff Test (Test zapachu) Research where respondents evaluate product scent.
Advertising Research (Badania reklamy) Ad effectiveness studies, monitoring of advertising campaigns, appropriate ad selection.
Usage and Attitide Studies (Badania uzytkowania i postaw) Research diagnosing consumers’ attitude towards products. In what situations and in what way they use certain products? How do they evaluate the product? Does the product fulfill the consumers’ requirements?