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ALMARES has its own nationwide interviewer network. The Institute’s Research Department is assisted by 16 regional fieldwork supervisors who closely control the quality of work of over 400 interviewers and co-workers. ALMARES is dedicated to high research quality and participates in the industry’s Interviewer Quality Control Program – the PKJPA.


Regional supervisors

  • Are highly qualified as confirmed by e.g. completed research projects and the PKJPA audit,
  • Before a project goes into the field our Regional Supervisors are trained by Fieldwork Department and/or Research Department staff,
  • Constant contact between the Fieldwork Department and the Regional Supervisors allows for speedy launch of projects into the field and ensures the highest quality and timeliness at every stage of the project.



  • every interviewer candidate is initially thoroughly trained in order to be theoretically and practically prepared to work in market research and to be aware of the ethical aspects of and interviewer’s work
  • Every interviewer, before beginning his work on a project, is obliged to participate in training in order to become familiar with project’s methodology. Initial training and project specific training is carried out by experienced Regional Supervisors and by staff Fieldwork and Research Department staff.


Quality control

  • The honesty and reliability of our interviewers’ work in every project are verified via both methods: re-contact validation (control of 10 – 100 % of conducted interviews – at the location or by telephone) and also checking of data records (100% merits, logical control of conducted interviews done by Fieldwork Department, in cooperation with Research Department and Data Procession Department). The execution of the study is supervised by the Fieldwork and Research Department, whereas the fieldwork itself by an independent team of controllers.