PKJPA certificate


OFBORThe OFBOR (Organizacja Firm Badania Opinii i Rynku) association of market research agencies is the only such organization in Poland. One of its tasks is supervision of compliance with ethical and methodological norms by the market research and public opinion polling industry. OFBOR has 21 members, one which is ALMARES. One of the most importance OFBOR initiatives is the Interviewer Quality Control Program (PKJPA) of which we ourselves are a member.



_certyfikat_pkjpa3The Interviewer Quality Control Program is a set of principles used to measure the quality of Fieldwork Departments, of Interviewers and Regional Supervisors – which extends to manner of training, of supervision and quality of performed work. Any firm performing fieldwork may join the PKJPA regardless of its affiliation with OFBOR. The granting of a PKJPA certificate is possible after being subject to an independent audit.  Today 28 Polish firms, ALMARES included, subject themselves to such an audit. The Program includes auditing of areas such as: interviewer training, fieldwork quality control, documentation of research projects. Companies which passed the audit successfully are given a certificate valid for 12 months and the right to use the PKJPA seal of quality.


The ALMARES Institute is certified in the following categories:

  • Research carried out by personal interviewing– PAPI,
  • Research carried out by personal computer assisted interviewing – CAPI,
  • Qualitative research.



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ALMARES holding a PKJPA certificate means that the Institute considers the quality and reliability of research to be its priorities, simply put – there is no scope for error. There are many research agencies on the Polish but only about 30 firms can be said to provide research of certified and proven quality. Research findings are always used to make important business decisions, hence when picking a research agency it is worthwhile to check for a PKJPA certificate.

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